how it all started…

Emily Burniston, the owner and trainer at Foothill Farm has long held the dream of running her own boarding and training stable.

She began riding at 6 years old and quickly fell in love with the hunter/jumper discipline. As a young rider, she leased several horses..the first of which left hoof prints on her soul and led her to become the rider and trainer she is today.

Erinyss was 22 years young and although she was used mainly as a low level dressage horse by her owner, she loved to jump. She was sensitive, marish, and often had more “buttons” than Emily knew how to use at the time. But she loved the horse with all her heart and “Erin” challenged Emily with every ride, but the big grey mare ignited a passion for “challenging” horses deep within her.

When she was finally ready for her first true “own” horse, her parents purchased her a big gangly 3 year old standardbred for her 13th birthday. With only 3 unsuccessful starts, the big bay didn’t seem to know where his legs were. He was far from the ideal mount bred for the show ring, but life has a funny way of working out. “The Woodster”, quickly renamed Calipso, was a willing and honest partner, and to do this day, Emily will tell you that he taught her more than she taught him throughout their partnership. Perseverance, patience, and how to think (and train) outside the box are all skills she attributes to him. The big, gangly bay eventually grew into himself and competed successfully in the 3’ Adult Amateur Hunters, Adult Medals, and 3’3” jumpers in his prime. He still resides with Emily, and often helps her teach the next generation.



In college, Emily rode on her IHSA huntseat team, the same team she became the assistant coach for after graduation. In order to afford riding on the team and boarding her horse nearby, she became a working student at one of the largest boarding barns in the area. There, she gained a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to run a successful boarding stable and became the assistant manager upon graduation.

After moving to the Lexington area and purchasing her own personal farm in Winchester, overlooking the beautiful foothills of Kentucky, she began her search for the next step. She got a job managing and coaching at a large scale boarding stable until the opportunity to open her own boarding stable arose. Thus, the boarding and training division of Foothill Farm was born.